Alat Spooring Carper CCD 525 With Wireless Communication

Product Description



  1. Precise Measurement by using 8 CCD Image Sensors
  2. Easy operating program for user convenience
  3. Special Filter prevents sunbeam obstacles during measurement
  4. Functions to save customer’s data to USB or Floppy disk
  5. Measure and Adjustment for selected item is available
  6. Electronic level sensor on each head minimize difference of measurement
  7. Special function for Compensation & Measurement in case of the front & rear Setback is blocked. (Spoiler)
  8. Selectable data transmission by wires or wireless.
  9. Instruction for advanced inspection & analysis of vehicles status as reference
  10. Show the simulation of adjustment by 3D dynamic image
  11. Program for elevated adjustment of Caster or Camber
  12. Vehicle diagnostic program(axle-offset, side-offset, difference of wheel base and track)
  13. Self-Diagnosis Program


Computer systemIntel Pentium4
Sensor4Heads, 8 CCD sensors
Operating systemWindows XP
Monitor17″ LCD monitor
Printing deviceDesk-jet Printer
Wheel Clamps4-Point clamps
11″-22″ Range(Optional 24″ Adapter)
Measuring PrecisionSetback 0.01″
Toe 0.01″
Caster 0.02″
Camber 0.02″
Measuring RangeSetback ±2.0″
Total Toe ±50mm
Caster ±18.0″
Camber ±8.0″
Transmission WayBoth wires or Wireless communication
Power100-240V, 50-60Hz
Size660(L) x 660(W) x 1070(H)mm