Alat Spooring Mobil PYRAMID The XD Imaging Technology

Deskripsi Produk


The innovative XD cameras technology, lightweight XD targets, and advance Pro 42 software features provide the technician with an incomparable tool to speed the alignment process
Pro 42 software – a high-resolution ICON based software program included ALL the required functions in a one-touch program format with unique DIAGNOSTIC information
Ultra-high precision XD cameras capture multiple images per second quick access to alignment readings below 2 minutes
Maintenance-free passive XD targets without electric power provide higher accuracy and repeatability
AC100 universal 4-points wheel clamps handle a wide array of wheel sizes suitable for CAR / SUV / VAN / LIGHT-TRUCK

2 cameras fixed height system
OS: Win embedded standard 7E
Alignment software: Pro 42 – silver
Wheel size: 12” – 22”
Track width: 48” – 96”
Wheel base: 79” – 180”
Power: 100~240VAC, 1Ph, 50/60Hz
Shipping weight: 195 Kg

AC100 wheel clamps
Light weight XD targets
Steering wheel holder
Brake pedal depressor
Wheel chocks
22” flat screen monitor
Keyboard & mouse (optional)
Printer (optional)
Turntable (optional)


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