Scissor Lift Mobil Hi-Com

Deskripsi Produk

Technical data:

Model: HC-3.5 M4

Power supply: 380V

Compressed air supply: 6-8 bar

Power: 2,2 KW

Host lifting capacity: 4 ton

Host lifting height: 330-1750 mm

Scissors jack lifting capacity: 2 ton

Scissors jack lifting height: 375 mm


  • Luxurious scissor wide-platform structure with super synchronization.
  • Level can be well adjusted to meet the need for wheel alignment.
  • Device platform stable and realiable work is relayed on imported hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components.
  • The pneumatic double-teeth self locking system and anti explosion pipe structure are automatic opening when lowering which ensure the safety of the device.
  • Ingenious and unique sliding system and closed platform, also don’t need ground pits.
  • With trolley guide rail and can optional add the second lifting trolley.
  • The position of the front wheel turning table (optional part) is adjustable and suitable for various type of automobile.


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