Two Post Lift Hi-Com 4.0 BS Asymmetric

Deskripsi Produk

Technical data:

Model:  Hicom 4.0 BS

Capacity:  4 ton

Lift Height: >1800 mm

Rise time: <60 mm/s

Drop time: <18 mm/s

Power of motor: 2,2 KW

Power of Supply: 380/220 V

Width of the rack: 3438 mm

Height of the rack: 3760 mm

Width between pillar: 2862 mm

Machine weight: 650 kg


  • Manual safety locking system.
  • Driven by dual hydraulic cylinders.
  • Mechanical locking system, with single point safety latches in each column.
  • Chain type lifting system.
  • Steel wire rope equalizing cables.
  • Multi-voltage power supply is available for electrical requirements.
  • Adjustable lift pads and adapters.
  • No floorplate restrictions.
  • Overhead crossover beam.
  • Durable powder coat finish.


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