Tyre Changer Fly Speed FS-812

Deskripsi Produk

Technical data:

Power supply: 110V/220V/400V/50-60Hz

Motor power: 0,75-1,1 KW

Outsice clamping: 11”-21”/280-530 mm

Inside clamping: 13”-24”/330-610 mm

Max wheel diameter:  41”/1100 mm

Max wheel width: 12,5”/315 mm

Bead-breaker force: 2500 kgf

Operating pressure: 8-10 bar

Noise: <70 dB

Net weight: 185 kg

Gross weight: 209 kg

  • The enlarged 24” turntable is suitable for mounting/demounting more larger and wider tyre, especially for low profile tyre
  • The clamping jaws and mounting and demounting head are made of high-quality alloy steel  and of scientific structural design which protects steel rim from any damage during operation.


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