Wheel Balancer HOFMANN MEGASPIN 200-2S

Alat Balancing Mobil berfungsi sebagai penyeimbang putaran roda mobil sehingga stir tidak bergetar. Balancing juga untuk menghindari adanya getaran kecil saat mobil dijalankan. Pada proses penyetelan harus diyakinkan bahwa roda belakang benar-benar paralel dengan roda depan karena roda belakang hanya mengikuti gerakan roda depan saat mobil dijalankan. Apabila kondisi ini tidak tercapai bisa menyebabkan ban Anda akan cepat aus dan kestabilan mobil terganggu.

Deskripsi Produk

Spesifikasi :

 Rim Width  1,5″ – 20″
 Rim Diameter  10″ – 30″
 Max. Wheel Diameter  1200 mm
 Max. Wheel Width  530 m
 Max. Wheel Weight  70 Kg
 Revolutions  100 Rpm
 Packing Dimensions (W x D x  H)  1080 x 880 x 1140 mm
 Power Supply  115-230V / 50/60Hz / 1Ph / 500W
 Auto Select  Steel / ALU M / ALU3 M (200-2  Manual)
 Data Input for Alloy Rims  Automatic (200-2 Manual)
 Weight Positions On Alloy  Rims  Unlimited
 Auto Split  Include
 Ministat (Patent)  Include
 Multiple Operators  2 Operators
 Distance  Automatic (200-2 Manual)
 Diameter  Automatic (200-2 Manual)
 Width  Manual
 Made in  Austria

The Entry Level Machine:

Easy auto select

The operator only has to turn on the machine, and move the gauge to the positions, where he wants to attach the weight: the megaspin 200-25 automatically detects the 3 most used balancing programs.

Alu-M Programs

The megaspin 200-2/200-2S offers un-limited choices for optimum weight position for all modern alloy rims.

Eco drive

A medium size tyre is accelerated to 100 rpm in less then 1 second. After that the tyre is rotating without motor power. Advantages: less energy consumption, less wear and tear, less noise.

Auto split

With the new, upgraded function it is even more easy and faster to split weights.

Ministat (patent)

Minimises the residual static unbalance. Residualstatic unbalance is the cause of many vibration problems.


The megaspin 200-2/200-2S has extremely long (220 mm) shaft with a diameter of 40 mm.  It can use all additional  adapters also for SUV wheels.


The megaspins are so solid, that we can offer a warranty of 3 years for all electronic boards.


  • Cone adaptor with quick nut and pressure cap
  • 3 centering cones: 43-69 mm, 60-81 mm, 79-110 mm
  • Rim width calliper
  • Weight pliers



In most countries the hood isn’t required due to the low spinning speed.

Universal clamping adaptor

For closed rims with 3, 4, or 5 holes and hole circles of 95-210 mm. Including special cone (patent) to centre the rim through the bore in the middle of the adaptor plate.

Clamping plate

for alloy rims

Centring ring

for diameters 56,5; 57; 66,5; and 72,5 mm

Spacer kit

for wheels with very large offset (SUV, 4 WD)

Spacer disk and cone

for vans , 4 WD cars, and light truck with centre bores of 97-180 mm.

Adapter for motorcycles

for flanged wheels or wheelswith own bearings.