Spooring Mobil Trigon Novo


  1. Quality camera 3d system
  2. 11” to 25” (with adaptor) clamps with passive targets of resistant material
  3. Main unit complete with pc holder and platform for keyboard and printer
  4. Practical trolley for clamp and sensore holder (optional)
  5. Lift drive-on assistant by remote camera for easy vehicle positioning (optional)
  6. User friendly software. Intutive two key selection and easy access tutor sw.

Deskripsi Produk

Technical data:


  • Total toe: ± 48o
  • Camber: ± 10o
  • Caster: ± 30o
  • King pin: ± 30o
  • Set back: ± 24o
  • Thrust angle: ± 24o
  • Steering angle: ± 24o


  • Power supply voltage: 115-230 Vca (50-60Hz) 1 ph
  • Power absorption: 500 W

Ambient conditons for equipment storing

  • Relative humidity: 20% ÷ 80%
  • Temperature range: -10÷ +60
  • Noise level when running ≤ 70 dB



  • Complete set of 11” to 21” clamps with passive targets
  • Adaptor for clamps up to 26”
  • Wall mounting brackets for sensor holders with targets
  • Pair turntables
  • Turntable adaptor for push mode ROC procedure
  • Steering wheel holder
  • Pedal depressor


  • Lift drive-on assistant
  • Trolley for clamp and sensor holder
  • Motorized beam
  • Calibration kit

Main feature

  • Quality components and europe design
  • 0,01o data display
  • 10” to 21” sensor holder, 26” with standart adaptor
  • Intiutive two key operation
  • User friendly software with easy access tutor help
  • Easy access to all adjustment values
  • Automatic steering measurements directly from targets
  • Graphics indications for adjustment in mondolfo family feeling design
  • Chassis measurement data
  • Factory calibrated, calibration on instalation only, no need for maintenance calibration
  • A first class international based databank
  • Databank on HD
  • User databank for insert or modification vehicle data
  • Job operation customer databank, to recall and memorize all customer data
  • Wall mounting kit for clamp and target storage
  • Lift drive-on assistant by remote camera (optional)
  • Practical side trolley for clamp and target holder (optional)
  • Camera movement to work from ground floor to 2 meters (optional)



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